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You wouldn’t have a robot perform your wedding…so why have a laptop perform your music?

While Heart and Soul (Ed and Maureen Mashas) has it’s own unique style, we are not about us. We are about making your wedding ceremony as authentic and meaningful as possible. We are happy to assist with creative ceremony planning if requested. So what are your interests/needs for one of the most important days of your life? Call us for a free consultation today!

Compare what we do to what a DJ can’t.

  • Authentic live music that doesn’t sound like it’s in an elevator.
  • Customizable songs and lyrics.
  • Affordably priced experience.

Customize Songs

We can customize your favorite song and make it exactly what you want

  • Customize the tempo or tune
  • Change keys
  • Personalize Lyrics
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Kind Words

They were amazing and easy going about getting the music selection from me. They helped make the reception for our wedding amazing. Even coordinating the reception with them while we were in GA was amazing and so easy.

- Ashley B. – Harrisburg, PA


Boy You're Amazing (Bruno Mars Cover)

Days Like Today (Original Composition-Wedding Song)

Moderato No 17 (Classical Music)

Fly Me To the Moon (Jazz Standard Cover)

As Seen on The Knot